True stories with a twist!

Yes, I understand that we are lucky to be healthy and safe at home. And of course I am grateful to have no symptoms of any disease, and beyond happy that all our children and their families are healthy as well.

OK, but now what?

We are obeying the advice about social isolation, so our options are not great.

So when Harvey said, “Let’s get out of the house for a while,” I practically smothered him with enthusiasm. 

The destination was not to be any place spectacular, but even doing the smallest, simplest something would be special. And we won’t have to hear the word “Pandemic” for a while. 

And so we found ourselves at a large outdoor nursery at the best time of year: spring expectation time. The pallets that would be filled with spring bulbs and new plants and endless enthusiasm were about to come to life.

And so were we.

We walked around the empty grounds that would soon be filled with eager gardeners planning their 2020 spring plantings. 

Planning gardens are joy producing. Because planning brings the expectation that such happiness would be ours again some day. These frightening days would be behind us and we will once again have the expectation of taking good health for granted.

After hiking through the empty outdoor display areas, we decided to check out the indoor space for supplies that we’ll need in just a few weeks to get our garden growing. Fertilizers, potting soil, garden stakes , and other garden necessities.

And then I saw a small planter. It sat on a back shelf at eye level. It was unusual, and was the  only one like it in the entire store. It was an oddball piece that I found myself looking at over and over again. I really didn’t need a small planter and had no plant in mind to put into it, but it had a charm that I found captivating.

So we bought it.

It is still blustery outdoors, and fears still grow about the Coronavirus pandemic, but I look at the little treasure of ours and picture it filled with tulips and other joyful flowers of spring. Then I think that there will be a day, hopefully in the near future, when we will be able to enjoy spring, flowers, and the warmth of the sun on our winter bedraggled bodies.

Comments on: "WHAT TO DO, WHERE TO GO?" (18)

  1. DAVID LERMAN said:

    Ronnie I love it!!! So nice you found the silver lining in the cloud.

  2. Take good care, John. We need all the good writers we can get!

  3. I hope that with following guidelines you will all stay safe. That’s all we can do right now.

  4. An excellent symbol for the future.

  5. Nice that you could find an outdoor outing away from the crowds. We’ll have to enjoy these little moments until this time passes. Here is Ohio, all the events, schools, churches, and today restaurants are closed. Makes one appreciate what we had.

    • Those events are also cancelled in New Jersey, Bev. The Garden Center we went to is a privately run business that is functioning freely on its own. I wonder if the day may come that the government can dictate when a business is allowed to stay open?

  6. It’s amazing how in times like these, a small special find will lift our spirits and once again hope times.

  7. Thanks, John. We thought so too, although there weren’t many people visiting the nursery yet. How are you managing the coronavirus in Texas?

  8. jnlmurphy said:


  9. Your post and the bursting beauty of spring flowers spell hope for future smiles.

  10. It sounds like a good outing. I can’t imagine why that planter wasn’t snapped up.

    • Thanks, John. We thought so too, although there weren’t many people visiting the nursery yet. How are you managing the coronavirus in Texas?
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      • Since I am 79 with supressed immnity and Athsma, I am pretty much staying home. The rest of Texas is pretty much following the CDC guidelines. Restaurents and bars are still open but many are takeout only. South by Southwest which is the biggest event for Austin has been cancelled. Everything else is restriced to no more than 200 people. All in all the spread doesn’t seem so bad. (knock wood)

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