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Unknown-3Investments. What is the first association you make with that word? Money? Look for a good investment, reap rewards and live well. Everyone needs some good investments.

Money is what most of us associate with investing, but money isn’t the only commodity you have to invest. Time is an investment. If you spend time pursuing one avenue, that allotted amount of time is spent; never again will it be available to spend somewhere else. So when someone says, “Oh, I don’t have time for that…” what does that mean? They don’t choose to bump out something else in their time lineup to replace it with what they’re being asked to do. It’s all about organizing investments and choosing priorities. It’s your time: nobody can make up to you the time that is lost.

images-6Many thoughts about investing time lead to good ideas which lead forward and are productive. Some simply replay old DVDs of past experiences. That is unproductive thinking: they are past and cannot be changed. Click “delete” from your memory bank and if they pop into your mind again, just say, “unproductive thinking” and move ahead.

We hear then word “should” often. It comes from expectations and ideas we think we need to fulfill. Other people seem to have lots of ideas about what they think we should or shouldn’t be doing. “You should do this.”  “You should do that.” or “You shouldn’t do this.” “You shouldn’t do that.” If these voices play and replay in your mind, you are allowing those opinions to  “should all over you!”

The new year is ten days old. Some old ideas need revisiting and revising. Happy New Year, all. May you all make some great investments.images-7

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