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Now I know what it’s like to be accused of committing a murder or committing some sort of hideous crime for which there is no acceptable explanation. I understand how it feels when a group of people, perhaps  members of a jury, agree that you did what they say you did. Nothing you can say will change their minds, and all because of their perceptions.       Unknown-1

Nobody committed murder. Nobody did anything illegal. It just feels that way. Here’s what happened: It is about my last blog, “Rare Birdies on a Plant.”

I wrote about an experience in my back yard on a beautiful summer afternoon. As I was relaxing in a zero gravity reclining chair, I looked across the yard and saw what looked like two tiny green birds alighting on a tomato plant branch. “How weightless they must be to be supported by such a narrow branch,” I said to my husband. “I’ve got to take a picture of this or nobody will believe me.”

“I never heard of small green finches,” he said. We assumed they were finches because of all the goldfinches and red headed finches that lived on our property and enjoyed the thistle seeds we provide for them.

So I did. I took a picture from as close a vantage point as I could get without frightening them away. This success emboldened me and I stepped closer to get a clearer photo. That’s when I realized that Mother Nature was playing her clever tricks on me: the green forms I saw were not birds at all, but leaves from the tomato plant sticking straight up in the air. How foolish I felt! So I wrote the story and posted the pictures.

When I read the comments on my blog I was surprised that every single one accused me of being a “rascal,” of fooling my followers, and of “pulling one over on everyone.” Even though I wrote that Mother Nature was playing her tricks on me, they blamed me for playing the trick on them.

And that’s when I understood what it must be like to be wrongfully accused.   Unknown It is a hopeless feeling, and one about which I could give no acceptable explanations. The gang believed I was wrong. Every writer thought I was wrong. I thought I saw an optical illusion that was foisted upon me.

I rest my case.

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