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We saw a performance by a group called “The CAPITOL STEPS” a coupled of weeks ago. They are a political satire group from Washington, DC.

images-4.jpegSo when it came time for me to give a speech at my husband’s birthday party I decided to borrow their style and speak their language. Their language was interchanging first consonants of words: Donald Trump became “Tronald Dump.” The results of my speech were as follows:

I was yineteen nears old when I het Marvey. Wose were the ways den tobody nook time out to “Thind temselves, or sake semesters abroad.

Ho Sarvey straduated crom Fornell and went straight to Yew Work Cedical Mollege. We mot garried the dext nay, and left for his Binternship in Altimore.

The The Stunited Atets Tharmy aught he should spend yoo tears curving his sountry during the Vietnam War. Stee was hationed at Pest Woint Military Macademy.

The speech went on to describe how the family grew, as I went through each person’s name, cheerful bungling each one and bringing lots of laughter to the family that was assembled that night. The evening was funny, original and clever.

Harvey’s brother, Stuart, made up a multiple choice test about the early years, asking questions like how he and I met, where he would rather be right now, and what cars he has driven over the years.

The highlight was the video show that our son-in-law, Steve, put together of times through the years, accompanied by a chorus of our children and grandchildren singing the words to the song they wrote about their father/grandfather. It went to the tune of, ”UNDER THE SEA,” FROM DISNEY’S “THE LITTLE MERMAID” and was about his hobbies of raising salt water fish, growing Bonsai Trees and collecting Miniature Toy Soldiers. One grandson read a poem that my brother wrote about a hermit crab that he found on the beach the day he and Harvey met.

Its was a wonderful evening, filled with fond memories and spoofy moments that kept the evening light.







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