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This is a picture of me when I was a little tyke.  IMG_1204 I’ve lived in Morristown for several years. Once summer I remember being filled with tasty, fragrant herbs. Another summer we tried sedums, and another some colorful annuals. I don’t recall ever actually growing strawberries; it’s too much trouble wrestling with birds for the ripe fruit.

Every winter I had to be careful moved into the garage so the harsh New Jersey winters don’t crack my clay finish, or break me in half.

I thought I was terribly attractive, especially when my plant pockets were full of living, pretty, growing plants.


And then my rival appeared. He is a bona fide monster by Strawberry Jar standards. It would take six of me to measure up to him.   IMG_1205 Because he’s made of ceramic he might be able to tolerate northeastern winters with only the addition of a warm cover.


So here’s the question: How should my large sibling be planted? If it were up to you, now that it finally is starting to feel like spring and we can think about warm weather fantasies like planting gardens, how should his plant pockets be filled?


Here’s a picture of the two of us together.    IMG_1206We can be planted as identical twins, who often dress alike, or perhaps as fraternal twins, where we can be individuals.


What do you think? Any suggestions?

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