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A great coincidence occurred to me regarding the heart. My heart, to be exact.

As I went through the exercise of renewing my drivers’ license at the DMV I was asked whether I plan to donate my vital organs in case I am involved in a fatal accident. At he same time a newspaper article reported Dick Cheney just successfully underwent a heart transplant operation.

Hold on. Wait a minute. Slow down.

What if I agree to donate my vital organs when I’m no longer around? Then how can I review the people on the transplant list? I might conceivably give new life to someone of whom I disapprove?

I am allowed no censorship authority? No options to blackball, reject or deny access?

Banks can reject applicants for credit, but I cannot reject applicants for my heart?

Sports teams can reject athletes for their teams, but I cannot reject a candidate for my kidney? No lineup for my liver? Have I no rights to oppose the lunge for my lungs?

Suddenly I question the entire idea. Give a blank check to my life giving functions? Put the “pitter-pats” in the chest of some pilferer? Donate my lung’s deep sighs to a no-good sinner? The whole idea is suddenly up for question. Now I’m not so sure I want to be valiant in my love for humankind or my longing to help it survive.

Maybe I can petition whoever gets petitioned in these cases to allow the creation of a list. That list would contain names of pre-approved people chosen to become recipients of all my extra parts.

Or at least a list of those who I disallow from becoming recipients, no matter how hard they beg and plead. Where were they when I needed help with that down payment?

With such a guarantee in place perhaps I will sign the form at the DMV to donate my vital organs.

Either that or learn to drive within the legal speed limit.

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