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It was just a month ago that everyone was talking about the delectable treats they looked forward to eating during the Holidays. Magazines were stuffed with recipes of all sorts. They tempted their readers to eat ingredients that nobody should put into their bodies: But Would. And Did. And now suffer from “Eaters Remorse.”

Now, in January, a mere one month after the holiday magazine articles appeared, magazines are reversing their stance. Instead of encouraging readers with new fattening recipes, they rant on about how to lose the weight THEY helped you put on by encouraging you to prepare those dishes. Most of us gained weight during the holidays and most are anxious: even desperate, to lose it.

Losing weight is the number one subject of magazine articles.Unknown-1 So many weight shedding techniques abound. I even heard of a hypnotist who advertised that in a few sessions he would help you lose weight by convincing your brain to believe that chocolate tastes like tobacco.

Everybody is getting into the act: there is the “This and This Diet,” the “That and That Diet,” and the “Dr. Such and Such Diet.” Diet experts pen articles, write books, appear on TV talk shows and drop from the sky! You know what I mean;images-1 you’ve seen them yourself.

But I have a technique that is different from the others, specially if you are health conscious in any small way.

Suppose you see a beautiful chocolate layer cake topped with a creamy, delicious looking icing. What its your first reaction? Is it “Yum Yum,” or “No No?” Rather than thinking how marvelous the cake would taste, I propose that you think of the ingredients that go into that cake. Consider what you are willing to put into your body. Your poor, hard working, unappreciated body.

Ask yourself “Would I take a whole stick of butter out of the refrigerator, unwrap it, and gobble it down? Would I pour a cup or two of sugar into a large mug and swallow every bit of it? Maybe not, but that’s what you’re doing if you eat that cake. Now when I see a tempting cake I mentally reconstruct its ingredients and think of them one at a time.

Somehow the cake no longer appeals.

The big advantage of my diet is that you don’t feel deprived. That’s because YOU, not somebody else, made the decision to forego the cake. You chose not to eat it because the individual ingredients didn’t appeal to you, even though you know that the final product tastes so good.

If you like my concept for making cake seem to be unappetizing, just wait until you hear my plan for de-appetizing pot roast!

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