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images-9“What a wonderful summer,” said the bright red tomato growing on the tomato vine.

“It is not summer any more. It’s October.It’s autumn,” said the yellow leaf on the oak tree above.

“Nonsense; of course it’ summer,” said the white roses blooming profusely in the garden.  images-8

“No,” said the migrating Canadian Geese flying above, “Can’t you see that it’s time to leave?” It’s fall.

“You think you’re so smart,” say the koi fish swimming lazily in the pond. We swim to the bottom of the pond and don’t eat from fall to spring. “We’re still being fed, and loving every morsel. It’s summer.”

“Did you see the new stores opening for the month of October that sell only Halloween costumes? That means it is surely fall,” said the dog returning from his walk in town.

“The humans are still slathering me on their bodies,” says the tube of sunscreen cream. So it must be summer.”

The television set joins the debate with,”I’m showing football games again, just as I have been doing every fall.”

“Tell us, human, who is right?”

“You’re all right, in a strange way. The calendar says it’s fall, but the temperatures scream out, summer.

Any day now we could be shocked back into our down jackets and gloves. But for now let’s all enjoy this gift from Mother Nature: summer weather in October.”


Excitement was running high in my hair salon the Wednesday before Halloween.

One of the stylists, Jessie, was getting married the coming Saturday: two days away.

“The wedding is going to be at her future Mother-in-Law’s farm in Pennsylvania. We’re all going over after work to help with the decorations. It’ll be a beautiful outdoor wedding.”

Images of big orange pumpkins, corn husks and glorious fall foliage flash into my mind. I picture the bridesmaids, dressed in pale orange dresses, walking though the field that will become the aisle, arm in arm with their grooomsmen, who wear large orange chrysanthemums in their lapels. The flower girl toddles down next, carefully distributing chrysanthemum petals along her path.

And then the bride, with her parents, make their appearance to the music of the familiar, “Here comes the Bride.” It will be a sunny, brisk, fall day, and everyone will feel invigorated and happy for the young couple.

I did not believe the weather forecast the day before the big event. “Becoming cloudy tonight, temperatures dropping, with snow arriving tomorrow.” Those weather casters will do anything for some extra camera time, I think. Who ever heard of snow on Halloween weekend?

But by Saturday morning the headlines were “Nor‘easter is approaching our area and will bring heavy snow today. The expected accumulations will be from six to twelve inches.” My cynical policy is to ignore weather forecasts. Weathermen are usually wrong, right? I remember one Thanksgiving eons ago that brought snow, but Thanksgiving is a full month away from Halloween, and even snow that early was unusual.

Unusual or not, impossible or not, the flakes started falling about 1PM on Saturday. They fell harder and more forcefully, with winds bringing down tree limbs with the sickening sound of loud cracking noises as the noble trees broke and split in two. Our local roads were paralyzed. Then all power went out.

We have no lights, no electricity, no heat. Just as my feelings are grim and depressing, my thoughts come to Jessie.

Poor Jessie. Her wedding day is ruined. What will they do? The decorations are being destroyed by the now blinding snow and it will be impossible to continue with their plans. What size is the farm house? Large enough to move the wedding indoors? How are the roads in Pennsylvania? Will the guests be able to plow through? Will the bride and groom?

I am anxiously awaiting hearing about what happened that day.

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