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images-2 Now just a minute; where is it written? Who says so?

Let’s discuss wedding vows.  There once was a vow to  “Love, Honor and Obey.” That word ‘Obey” seemed to apply exclusively to women, who were supposed to be doing all the obeying. Women gave that idea negative reviews although men seemed quite happy about it. That word was eventually struck from the vows. Nobody I know in the 20th or 21st century any longer agrees to “Obey.”

What else do people promise to do in order to become legally married?

Do wedding vows demand that women host Super Bowl Parties,      Unknown-3or invite loud groups of rowdy beer swilling men to gorge themselves on football food, scream and suggest various plays to players? Or shout their opinions of players’ performances to the TV screen?

Where in the marriage contract does the word “cook” arise? Does anyone ever promise to cook three meals a day for 65 years?        images-6Does anyone ever agree to prepare separate meals for family members preferring an alternate menu from the one set before them?

I don’t think so.

What other suggestions do you have for modernizing today’s wedding vows?

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