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My dear friend in fifth grade, whose name I no longer remember, proposed the deep philosophical question to me “Do you live to eat or eat to live?”

I never thought of it before; eating was just a natural thing to do, and luckily I never had to worry about eating to live. It’s just something we did three times a day, with frequent snacks in between, depending on mood or what happened to pass my way. Not much that passed my way passed me by, so I pass on that question. 

UnknownPassing by a kitchen cabinet, reaching in and grabbing a cookie, piece of dried fruit or handful of mixed salted nuts was normal and not thought about. Or grabbing a tablespoon of peanut butter and eat it all by itself: bread or not, depending on your level of hunger or time frame. 

Never a thought to calorie count or vitamin intake. No thoughts of fats, hydrogenated oils or chemical additives. 

No fears about whether skirt buttons would be button-able the next morning.

Eating was just a fun thing to do; no deep thoughts were ever involved in the process.

But our society has now created a monster. Some people won’t eat a single morsel of food without checking its ingredients, names of preservatives or pedigree of additives. They need to know the documentation and derivation belonging to every edible before them. 

When I think about my diet back in the 50s I am shocked that I ever:

  1. Grew to a normal height
  2. Am able to function in polite society
  3. Have no recognizable physical malformations.

If I knew then what I know now about nutrition I would have eaten different but far less enjoyable meals. 

I might never have feasted on the fabulously sweet snacks of cotton candy that were a signature of state fairs. I might have turned my back on those glorious barbecued hot dogs with mustard and sauerkraut that defined summer picnics, and I might not have swilled all those sugary, icy drinks that made summer heat bearable. 

And I haven’t even started to describe all the amazing meals that came along with winter and cold weather. But you might not approve, so let’s just leave the subject to your imagination and fill in the blanks with your own wintery treats!

You cannot unlearn what you already know. Sometimes I wish that I didn’t know as much as I do, because life was much more pleasant when I chose what I was in the mood to eat and not what foods have the highest levels of Calcium, or Vitamin B, or are the lowest in Carbs or Cholesterol.

So Happy Valentine’s Day, and enjoy those Chocolates; but remember that the dark chocolate is better for you if the cocoa content is at least 72 percent!

Just sayin…



“I’m prettier than you are,” roared the mountains to the low lying seashore. “     images-2

”Only a fool would attempt to compete with MY beauty,” answered the haughty, self-impressed seashore.”

“You’re just flat and boring,” responded the mountains.”

“You’re jealous of my long, sunny beaches.”images-3

“Are you kidding? My majestic winding trails are fascinating.”

“But you are dangerous to visit. You provide room and board for bears and snakes.”

“And your stinging sea nettles and jellyfish make one step in the water a painfully threatening gamble.”

“Aw, shoot,” spat out the seashore. “Visiting you means subjecting yourself to horrible poisonous plants that make you itch until the skin tears and blood gushes.”

“Look who’s talking. It’s impossible not to walk on your beaches without stepping on sharp pebbles until your feet bleed and get infected.”

“Oh, but just picture a wonderful clambake on the beach at night with a roaring bonfire and everyone singing old songs.”

“That can’t compare with the campfires in the woods with char-cooked hamburgers and hot dogs.”

“Now see here, you two: I am equally proud of all my children, and I am sick of all this bickering. Keep that up and I’ll send you up to the moon so you can see my real masterpiece.”

“Yes, Mother Nature,” they meekly replied as one. “We’ll behave. We won’t fight any more…

But those moonscapes couldn’t possibly be as beautiful as we are.”

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