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Meet my brother, Jerry as he continues his travels in Africa. This photo was taken in Zambia. My brother is on the left.

Jerry travels to Africa frequently because of his work with SHAREAFRICA, an organization helping AIDS orphans. SHARE builds schools and feeds, houses and provides clothing for over 200 orphans in Kenya. (For more information, see the website:

After a recent trip to Kenya he and his companion, Usha, ¬†took a side trip : a safari in Zambia. One afternoon while sitting on a restaurant’s verandah eating lunch, a monkey suddenly swooped out of a tree, landed on their table and grabbed a piece of pizza out of Usha’s hand. The restaurant manager observed this interaction and came to their table with his apology.

“I’m sorry about that monkey disturbing you, he said. “I am going to assign a special guard to you so you will not be bothered by animals any more. He will stand by your table until you finish your meal.”

And he did. The fierce looking guard in the photo did an admirable job and they were no longer interrupted by animals during that meal. The animals seemed to know this guard, and stayed clear of him. At the end of the pleasant, peaceful lunch Jerry said to the Zulu, “I would like to thank you. You have done a wonderful job protecting us. I’d like to introduce myself. My name is Jerry.”

“What?” said the Zulu. “That cannot be true. MY name is Jerry.” And then he asked in all sincerity,”Why did your parents give you an African name?”

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