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Kreativ Blogger Award

Valentine’s Day was extra special this year; I was awarded the Kreative Blogger Award by Sylvia Morice. We met through reading and commenting on someone else’s blog. I greatly respect and enjoy Sylvia’s posts, and recommend them to anyone looking for excellent writing that is a treat to read. I always make time to read her posts, no matter how busy the day becomes.

As part of my obligation I must reveal 10 things about myself that you don’t know.

1) Ayn Rand’s books had a huge impact on me, not to say that I now follow her politics.

2) The older I get the more I appreciate Dr.Seuss.

3) The best thing about having children is the freedom it gives to be silly, play and giggle.

4) Front sections of  newspapers are so depressing that I reach for the Food , Styles and Science sections.

5) I love going to the theater, although I must admit that when the experience is over I often wonder if the hassle of getting there was worth it.

6) My current dilemma is whether to wear my glasses fulltime. The downside is that I look geeky. The positive is that it covers the under eye circles.

7) My brother and I still share memories of our parents and our experiences growing up. It makes me wonder what stories my children and grandchildren will remember about me.

8) I was once a good guitarist. But long isolating practices took too much time out of my life every day. So now I write a blog, which takes hours out of my life every day.

9) I can tolerate stories about sad things that happen to people. But not sad stories about  animals.

10) The most depressing news I had recently is that I shrunk 1  1/2 inches.

My next happy obligation is to award fellow bloggers with the Kreativ Blogger Award,

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Good luck to all the wonderful bloggers I’ve had the pleasure of meeting through wordpress.

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