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Neighborhood CRIME Watch

Nobody asked me to do it; I volunteered. Why? It sounded like a good idea at the time and a good way to be the first one to get the inside scoop from the police department.

So I became the Neighborhood Watch Representative for our block. I receive messages from the officer assigned to our area, and my job is to send them out to all the neighbors on the block. Through all this communicating with the police department I have learned some tricks that I’ll share with you.   

Burglers want to enter a home, grab the Unknownvaluables and leave before anyone is the wiser, so they stay away from houses that look occupied.Therefore keep some lights on. Set timers to have different lights take turns illuminating different rooms of your house. Outside motion detectors that go on automatically when someone approaches the house are worthwhile investments.

If someone rings your doorbell don’t simply ignore it and hope they’ll go away. But don’t open the door either. Speak through the door so Unknown-1they know that someone is home. If you ignore the bell and the person wishes to break into your house, he might think the house is empty and feel safe to do so.

Teach children their address.

Cut back shrubbery in front of large windows so they don’t shield anyone trying to open a window and enter your home.

Watch out for anyone who seems to periodically linger outside your house. He might be trying to gauge the schedules of your family and strike when he thinks the house is empty.

Copper pipes are a valuable commodity, so if there are any abandoned houses near your house, beware of burglars breaking into them to steal the copper.

And a little tidbit of information, during last year’s super storm, Sandy, police were on guard at gas stations to prevent the theft of gasoline.

Most break-ins were committed in houses that had unlocked doors or open windows.The car thefts took place in cars that were left on the street unlocked.

So please be careful, take a few extra precautions, and be safe.

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