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My friend and I, two mature women, made a pact.

“Ronnie, she said to me, let’s promise that we will always tell each other if one of us does something inappropriate for our age. If I wear something that someone my my daughter’s age ¬†should wear, or something that looks ridiculous on me, please tell me. If I become one of those old ladies with bright shimmery baby blue eye shadow on my lids. Please let me know. Don’t let me become a laughing stock; I always want to look appropriate for my age.”

“OK, I agreed, as long as you tell me too.”

And so the pact was sealed.

But then the world changed.

How could we have foreseen Madonna, who in her mid 50’s struts around onstage with body revealing, body hugging non-outfits? ¬†Maybe people in show business have different ideas of appropriate. But if I told you that a non-celebrity, ordinary person with a name like Heidy-Louise McGillicutty of Asbury Park, New Jersey, age 53, parades around that way what would you think?

People of a certain age who sport tattoos on their upper thighs and upper arms make me wonder; Why would anyone over the age of 50 invite attention to those flabby spots?

My friend and I each have our own versions of tattoos. They are not pictures of animals, flowers or words. They are round shaped indelible scars left by an outmoded tradition called smallpox vaccinations. They went out of medical style along with party line telephones.

And if you take a peek at the bathing suits on the beaches this summer, please decide whether there should be an age limit or weight limit allowing the wearing of string bikinis in public.

Body piercings are another new style that young folks have embraced. Even conservative executives wear an earring or two. Do they ever think about how they’re perceived? Do they care?

Won’t it be fun to see what fashions and styles the budding new generation introduces to THEM! They may be having this same rant in twenty years or so.

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