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Here we are back on the east coast, home from the sights, adventures and experiences of our visit to Boulder, Colorado.

We have always been fond of the beautiful University of Colorado at Boulder campus. So on our visit this summer, we explored the campus to make note of discernible changes. Everything changes so much that it’s important to keep up with the latest trends.

The most attention worthy change was the method of getting from one place to another. On campus, right in the midst of students walking between buildings to classes were some new conveyances. Mere walking from one class to another, the way we used to do, is no longer an assumption.


IMG_0453 2.jpegThis young man entered the campus book store carrying a scooter. I hope he didn’t use it to scoot between the shelves of books. How could he do that without adding several injuries by hit and run scooter! He seemed perfectly comfortable with this travel device, indoors or outside.

A great favorite among students was the skateboard. It was so popular that there was a skateboard stand outside the entrance of the book store, clearly in full use! 

IMG_0456 2.jpegThe favorite transit tool of my  youth, the bicycle, has  not gone out of fashion, although I don’t remember actually riding it through groups of students moving between classes.


IMG_0454.jpegThe book store cared very much about people’s perception of it’s effectiveness. Therefore it had one of these opinion gathering machines at the exit of the store.

IMG_0449 2.jpegIMG_0448 2.jpegOne of my favorite memories of the trip was an overheard conversation between a young mother and her pre-school daughter. They had  noticed a worm on the ground and bent down to put it on a leaf. “

IMG_0543.jpeg“Where’s it’s mommy?” The young woman asked the child, looking down at the worm. “Let’s go outside and look for her. I’ll bet it’s mommy is waiting in the grass.” And out they went, searching for Mommy Worm. I loved the early teaching of reverence for the value of life that this mother and child demonstrated.

Who would not be inspired to learn in the beautiful environment of the mountains behind campus , breathing the clear Colorado air and loving the nature seen all around?


Nederland is a charming little town near Boulder, selling such treats as home brewed Kombucha in several flavors and home baked pastries.

IMG_0436 2.jpeg

Walking up in the mountains I was tickled by this sign:IMG_0425.jpeg

But that’s the easterner in me. The greatest danger of animals lurking might be a puppy who pulled on its leach.

I loved the trip to Colorado; I have the warmest, kindest thoughts of the scenery and the nature loving people in this beautiful part of our country.

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