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 It was a Monday. I was at the Short Hills Mall, looking forward to my computer class at the Apple Store. The Apple Store is located inside the mall, somewhere between Papyrus Paper and Macy’s. My class was about using the iPhone’s camera. Just in time for the holidays; one of the rare times everyone would be together in one place at the same time. I was not going to miss the photo opportunity I expected to have.
As I walked through the mall I had an uncomfortable feeling: the memory of a horrific crime that took place right here in December, 2013: close to this time of year.

‘Stay with me!’: New Jersey widow recalls husband’s murder amid Short Hills mall carjacking

People living in gated communities may feel safe and think they actually are. But do they ever consider the number of maintenance workers with access to those communities? Are the workers all screened? Does anybody know who they are? There is no lack of people who commit crimes. And no shortage of easily purchased guns.
Too many killings have taken place recently. Gun violence is no longer a new concept, or a concept that existed only back in the days of the Wild West. The world has become a frightening place to navigate.
I offer no brilliant solutions to the many problems our society faces. But I can hope that you and everyone you love and care about have safe comings and goings this holiday season and forever after.

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