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The Helicopter Mom, hovering over her toddler, controlling as many aspects of his life that are possibly controllable, was nervous about what he might learn by watching TV.

She (to Nanny): “Glenda, while I’m at work it’s alright for Jaden to watch one hour of television. But there are certain shows I do not approve of. Please do not allow him to watch “Sponge Bob” or “Tom and Jerry.” Those cartoons are far too violent for a young child.

Glenda agreed to police the shows and to be certain that Jaden would never watch those forbidden, soul destructive, mind blowing programs.

Helicopter Mom (hereafter referred to as “HM”) returned to work, feeling happy and secure about the new TV restrictions she had put in to effect. She was protecting his innocence and felt comfortable in the knowledge that Jaden would no longer be subject to violent cartoons.

One day the entire family was gathered and his grandparents were engaging Jaden in conversation.

Out of the blue and without warning he started talking about “B17 Bombers” and “M1 Rifles.” HM was shocked.

“Glenda, where on earth is Jaden getting that vocabulary and those ideas from?”

“I obeyed your instructions about not allowing him to watch “Sponge Bob” and “Tom and Jerry” cartoons because they’re too violent. And I know how you like him to learn from educational programs.

So I turned on the Public television program “The History Channel.” It was all about World War 11 and he learned lots of history. I knew you’d be pleased.”

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