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IMG_0779   I couldn’t believe my eyes. This afternoon, as I was relaxing in my back yard I glanced up and there they were. Look carefully and you will see them too; they’re so beautifully camouflaged that it’s hard to make them out. Can you see the purple bush in the background on the right side of the photo? A little to the left of that purple flower and a tiny bit upward you can see what I saw. Two tiny green finches sitting on the tomato plant stem.

Wow; a rare sighting. we said to each other. Where did they come from? Could they have escaped from a neighbor’s home cage? Have they migrated here from a foreign rain forest where they were never before seen by humans? Neither of us had ever heard of  green finches. You can barely make out their shape. I had to get this picture or nobody would believe me.

So I tried to move nearer without scaring them away. I wanted to get a closer shot.

Is this any clearer? Can you see those little green birds on the tomato  branch?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         They’re sitting on the right stem.  This was intoxicating! So far I had gotten two photographs of them and they were not skittish; I had not frightened them away.       I zoomed in so close that I saw that what looked like a purple bush were blooms from a hosta.     And they weren’t purple; they were white.  I’ll try a really close shot this time.

So I did. As I got closer I discovered that Mother Nature  had played her little joke on me.

There were no green finches sitting on a tomato bush. All  there was were two tomato leaves sticking straight up in the air, looking all the world like birds: instead of leaves.

How disappointing! Sorry for playing this joke on you, but I had to share

this funny mis-sighting!IMG_0778

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