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My New Book

After a long focused time of hard work, after writing, rewriting and editing I finally did it: published my first book. The book is about my experience of going through breast cancer.

En Garde is a good guide for reducing stress in times of fear and anxiety. And who doesn’t have those emotions for various reasons at some time in our lives?

The lesson of the book is that the mind is an incredibly powerful tool that can help overcome difficult times. The mind can provide a way out of painful situations no matter what the cause of those fears and anxieties may be. Who could ever imagine that the hero of my true story would be an imaginary British gentleman, only six inches tall, who was my rock of strength and had the power that defeated the “Big C?” It is quite a remarkable story. I’m sure everyone will want to know about Percy Puddlethorpe.

Now the real problem is at hand: spreading the word. I know about it, now you know about it, but how can I get the rest of the world to know about it?

Current wisdom says to use all manners of social media to tell others. That might work, but I think the better way is to ask for human help. So I am asking each of you to send this

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post to those on your email list. This is a book that can help many people, but first it has to get to them.  Will you help me tell those that you know? Everyone knows someone who has or had breast cancer. If they could read my experience they will be stronger for it and they will be armed to help themselves.

My book is “En Garde, My Battle With Breast Cancer,” by Ronnie Hammer. It is available world wide at If you each would forward this blog to those on your email list many more people will know that this book could help them. 

Thank you for your help, and I wish you all a healthy, wonderful year.

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