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MAN vs.SQUIRREL: Spring is Here

IMG_1810This elongated squirrel is the first view of what was going on at the bird feeder. “Those blasted squirrels,” he shouted; “They won’t get away with this.” I won’t go through another frustrating season watching those blasted squirrels steal the seed I bought for the birds.”

And so the battle began in the privacy of our back yard.

Man, armed with a newly sharpened pair of hedge sheers approaches the foot path  leading to access of the bird feeder.

IMG_1815Surveying the scene, he decides to sacrifice a few branches of the landscaper designed, perfectly manicured shrubbery serving as access for the squirrels to the feeder they lust after. He begins to mercilessly chop away at the previously wellIMG_1817 tended plants.

Reviewing the effect of his pruning job, he realizes that there still exist ways that can be used as jumping off points leading directly to the bird feeder. So he chops some more.

I cannot bear to show any further proof of the decimation of the backyard landscape. Take my word, though; the garden will no longer require landscape design, unless man is prepared to completely redesign the yard starting with the planting of seedlings.

The fully grown plants that used to exist in that area would be far too expensive to replace. And the squirrels have discovered their incredibly amazing ability to jump huge distances from nearby trees right onto their coveted bird feeder.

You can’t fool Mother Nature.



100 TO 1 ODDS

Every time they come for a visit it’s a family of five humans and an extra critter. My daughter, her husband, three children and a little black Cockapoo. As good grandparents, we have supplies for everyone, and especially for Lola: a red plastic dish for food and a blue one for water. And a doggie guest bed.

What are the bare essentials without the fun and games stuff? So we keep a can of tennis balls to play “fetch,” with Lola. “Fetch” is her her favorite game.

After the last visit I noticed one yellow tennis ball left behind in the yard just under the dining room window. No need to scoop it up and put it away; we’ll leave it there for their next visit.

What a surprise I had yesterday as I was pulling some weeds in the back yard. A gray squirrel leapt from a branch and bounded over to the tennis ball. Seeing him close to the ball clarified how large the ball was, compared to his head. And yet he tried to get his jaws around the ball.

If we were witnessing this scene in Atlantic City or Las Vegas we’d get odds of about 100 to one against his being able to mouth the ball. After several tries, though, he managed to beat the odds, pick it up, and carry it across the lawn to his secret squirrel spot.

There, I assume, he will bury it and wait patiently for next spring, when he hopes with all his squirrely heart, that a tennis ball tree will appear just where he planted that jaw breaking “seed.”

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