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Oh and ooh and yuk. Pink slime? Not sure about what it is, but don’t like it. No matter what it is I still don’t like it. And I know that once I find out what it is I will not like it even more than I didn’t like it before I knew .

Is it a new horror movie, like the one with the green goo spilling all over the city? Is it a new TV show like The Hulk, who is green and has super, amazing strength? The actor, Lou Ferrigno, is now a contestant on Donald Trump’s TV show, “Celebrity Apprentice.” ¬†Perhaps it’s a new super power woman who turns pink with power, and reveals all the bad guys on Wall Street. Could it be a cute animal super hero who turns vats of a gooey pink slime over the bad guys, disabling them until the police arrive?

But pink slime is worse than that. It is an additive that manufacturers add to ground beef. You know, ground beef as in hamburgers of the future?

The additive is a low cost ammonia-treated ground beef filler. It is perfectly safe, says the Agriculture Department. I believe everything government agencies tell us, don’t you? Doesn’t everybody? It is sold to schools for use in school lunches and sold to supermarkets to enhance their patties. What makes it pink? More color additives, or naturally caused elements that come from animals and turn everything pink because it once was red. Blood red. Need I spell it out more clearly?

As I read the news and realize that time is closing in on lunch I invite you all to join me in a nice, juicy hamburger at Mac Donald’s, Wendy’s, Burger King, or any other place of your choice.

Or maybe I can tempt you with a bowl of crisp green salad?

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