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images-7It is a very wet and cold beginning to Memorial Day weekend. “Grouchy” is the prevailing mood around here. So when I drove into town today and parked my car I noticed that a police car was parked a couple of cars in back of mine.

Even though I knew better, it was raining, I was uncomfortably cold, and had an errand to do across the street. Looking both ways, being certain that no cars were approaching from either direction, I crossed in the middle of the street rather than walking to the corner and crossing at the light. This ‘crime” of jay walking is punishable by a ticket in Morristown.images-6Unknown

Oh No; and I saw that police car; why did I cross right in the middle of the street? Sure enough I heard it: the sound of a car door opening and slamming shut. OK, dummy, I told myself; here comes your well deserved jay walking ticket. 

As I partially turned my head to see where the door sound came from I saw the police officer get out of his car. Then I saw him step off the curb, into the street and cross in the middle of the road, as I had done. He’s coming after me; he’s going to write out the ticket and hand it to me right now.

Then I saw it. Under his arm he carried a bundle of shirts. He was on his way to the cleaner, breaking the same jay walking law as I did.

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