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Itching, scratching, poking. That’s what I feel every time I put on my new blue cotton v-neck sweater.

Why does this happen? I can’t be allergic to cotton. I know I’m not allergic to v-necks. I’m positive I’m not allergic to blue; it’s my favorite color. I’m sure I’ve missed the poison ivy of summer, haven’t backed into any mosquito nests, and couldn’t find poison sumac if I searched for it. Yet every time I put the sweater over my head it feels as if there are pieces of barbed wire sticking between my shoulder blades.

Maybe I could block the irritating spot. Tape: scotch tape. If I put a piece of tape over the troublesome area all will be well. No: not on me, on the sweater. I need to do some investigating. I know I am not imagining this feeling. It is real, it is constant, and I am still itching. So what IS the cause of the itch? Taking a closer look at the inside of the sweater I discover the cause of the problem.

A thread. A simple little thread. Not a cotton thread, like the ones that hold the sweater together, but a nylon thread that attaches the label to the sweater. An abusive, irritating nylon thread. It feels more like a fishing line with the hook left in, but even without the hook the rough, scratchy part is obvious to the touch. Who would ever suspect anything as innocuous as a little piece of thread?  I dissect the label out of the sweater, pull out the offensive culprit and start loving the look and feel of my soft, comfortable new blue sweater.

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