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UnknownSometimes I wonder, “How does God feel about the expectations of him? And why is God blamed for everything that is wrong in the world? Does he get enough credit for everything that’s right in this world? So I put myself in His place and wonder, what if I were God?”

Would I be offended by people asking, ”If there were a God, how could these things happen?” or “How could God allow such misery to exist?” or  “Oh, God, let me win the lottery.”

To those who profess, “It’s in God’s hands now” I answer, Give me a break; do you think I want all your problems in MY hands; that was never in my job description. I admit that I images-1created the earth. But where is it written that I am the “go to guy” for every problem of you inhabitants? Who said you can hold me accountable for all your questions, confusions, and assurances that your dishwashers don’t die during the dinner party?

It’s not my fault if your souffle falls. Don’t disparage my name if you aren’t able to become a violin virtuoso. I’m not responsible for your not snagging the promotion you prayed for. I may have heard your prayer but that doesn’t make it a done deal. I am not a genie in a bottle who grants wishes; that story is a fairy tale. Do you think that I am a fairy tale?

The saying that upsets me is “It’s God’s will.” Does anybody know me well enough to know my will? Should I appear after every event in the world and announce, “Yup, this was my will,” or “The management claims no responsibility for these incidents. All persons, places and events are the imagination of the author and purely fictional.”  images-4

NO, I say, I am here to give you the strength to withstand these issues and to figure out how to deal with them: not to be your life coach. Do people think that God is a bell-hop in the sky, there for their convenience?

Please be kind; worship as you wish, pray to your heart’s content and may it make you strong. All I can say is,

Thank God I’m not God.

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