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images-9“What a wonderful summer,” said the bright red tomato growing on the tomato vine.

“It is not summer any more. It’s October.It’s autumn,” said the yellow leaf on the oak tree above.

“Nonsense; of course it’ summer,” said the white roses blooming profusely in the garden.  images-8

“No,” said the migrating Canadian Geese flying above, “Can’t you see that it’s time to leave?” It’s fall.

“You think you’re so smart,” say the koi fish swimming lazily in the pond. We swim to the bottom of the pond and don’t eat from fall to spring. “We’re still being fed, and loving every morsel. It’s summer.”

“Did you see the new stores opening for the month of October that sell only Halloween costumes? That means it is surely fall,” said the dog returning from his walk in town.

“The humans are still slathering me on their bodies,” says the tube of sunscreen cream. So it must be summer.”

The television set joins the debate with,”I’m showing football games again, just as I have been doing every fall.”

“Tell us, human, who is right?”

“You’re all right, in a strange way. The calendar says it’s fall, but the temperatures scream out, summer.

Any day now we could be shocked back into our down jackets and gloves. But for now let’s all enjoy this gift from Mother Nature: summer weather in October.”


images-7It is a very wet and cold beginning to Memorial Day weekend. “Grouchy” is the prevailing mood around here. So when I drove into town today and parked my car I noticed that a police car was parked a couple of cars in back of mine.

Even though I knew better, it was raining, I was uncomfortably cold, and had an errand to do across the street. Looking both ways, being certain that no cars were approaching from either direction, I crossed in the middle of the street rather than walking to the corner and crossing at the light. This ‘crime” of jay walking is punishable by a ticket in Morristown.images-6Unknown

Oh No; and I saw that police car; why did I cross right in the middle of the street? Sure enough I heard it: the sound of a car door opening and slamming shut. OK, dummy, I told myself; here comes your well deserved jay walking ticket. 

As I partially turned my head to see where the door sound came from I saw the police officer get out of his car. Then I saw him step off the curb, into the street and cross in the middle of the road, as I had done. He’s coming after me; he’s going to write out the ticket and hand it to me right now.

Then I saw it. Under his arm he carried a bundle of shirts. He was on his way to the cleaner, breaking the same jay walking law as I did.

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